We are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment. This includes monitoring of air, water, flora and fauna, which is carried out together with local communities and local authorities; as well as the management of any discharges to ensure the environment is protected.

A comprehensive approach to environmental management is essential for businesses to mitigate their impacts on the environment while enhancing economic and social development.

Our environmental management approach includes all of the policies, procedures and practices that we use to comply with environmental requirements, minimize environmental impacts and improve environmental performance.


Sludge Treatment plant

As part of our commitment to the efficient use of water resources, we have implemented a modern sludge treatment plant in our campsite to recover the most amount of water posible and be able to reuse it.

Know more about this process through the following video:

Tailings Management

We are committed to the safe and environmentally responsible operation and management of tailings.

Best available tailings management facility design, operation and management practices will be employed at Zafranal. Planning, design, construction, operation, decommissioning and closure of tailings storage facilities would be focused on ensuring that:

  • Structures are stable
  • Solids and water are managed within designated areas
  • Facilities comply with regulatory requirements
  • Facilities conform to applicable regulations, standards, internal policies, industry best practices and the Peruvian technical guidelines.