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Tourism Developement Plan for the Majes Valley

With the goal of making Tourism in the Majes Valley a main activity for economic and social growth, an inter-institutional agreement was signed between the Provincial Municipality of Castilla, the district municipalities of Huancarqui and Uraca Corire, and the Zafranal Project.  The objective of this agreement was to elaborate a tourism development plan, which has been called “Entre el Mar y el Fuego”- “Between the Sea and the Fire”.

Watch the promotional video and know more about the plan here:

Working Table

Compañía Minera Zafranal together with the authorities and representatives of the districts in the area of influence of the project, initiated a Working Table in October 2015 with the purpose of establishing a constructive dialogue with communities to identify and prioritize benefits which the future operation could focus its socio-economic investment.

The Working Table is a government recognized process through which members of the districts of Luta, Huancarqui and Uraca-Corire participate in technical discussions related to environment and social development.